Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful Thursdays.

It's nice to be thankful, ain't it?
Despite seeing numerous complaints about people using social media to proclaim what they are grateful for in November, I love it. I love that people acknowledge what they are happy for in their lives, no matter how small those things are. Since I probably won't do it on Facebook or Twitter, but I've decided to devote Thursdays on this ol' blog to fifteen things I am thankful for.
A wasabi macaroon. I am always thankful for treats.
I am thankful for....
...the people I am surrounded with. My family and friends and colleagues. I am lucky to have such thoughtful, inspiring, funny, and wacky people in my everyday life.
...a roof over my head. I have mentioned before that one of my favorite things about cooler weather seasons is walking from the cold outdoors into a warm home--I'm lucky for that. I know I'm lucky to have a place to call home with security, heat, heart, and shelter.
...Kira and Joodle and Violet, of course.
...books. I love to read and as I get older, I'd much rather spend my weeknights snuggled up with a good book rather than partying at a bar.
...the ability to change my life at any time. Isn't it amazing that we kind of take that for granted? It's inspiring to realize that every day offers a chance to change and try new things.
...chocolate chip cookies, handwritten thank you notes, and all the glitter in the world. We aren't in the spot to plan one at the moment but I love to peruse all the destinations on Pinterest and just daydream the day away. library card. This is basically my favorite thing in the world and it's nice to know there's a mental escape freely available whenever I need it.
...thoughtful gestures and sweet people.
...old photographs, cold milkshakes, and warm blankets.
...Fall leaves. Even though our yard and driveway are currently COVERED, I still love those autumnal delights. Nothing makes me melt quite the way that driving down a quiet street with the changing leaves hanging off the trees. and baking. I like that at any time I feel like it, I can go into our kitchen and there is the possibility to create something amazing.
...inside jokes, really great paint brushes, and black coffee with two ice cubes.
...museums. It's been a goal for a while to check out more of the museums in our area (I usually hit up my tried and true favorites--the Field and Museum of Science and Industry).
...twinkly lights, good music, and Wes Anderson.
What are you most thankful for?

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