Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sick As a....

The last time I was sick it was a rough head cold, this time I am 99.999% positive I am battling the flu.
After a whirlwind weekend and some busy work days, I woke up Monday with a slight ache in my throat and a wonky stomach. Today brought more congestion, more stomachaches, a fever, and a sinus headache. I have decided to admit to myself that I have the flu and not do what I usually do (run myself into the ground until I am so sick I can't do anything except lay around). Because of the crazy weekend, we are insanely low on groceries so I have lived on veggie broth and black tea (I'm hoping for the motivation to get groceries tomorrow). I have been taking detox baths, chugging water, and abstaining from all alcohol and caffeine.
Two days in and I am ready to feel better already. Bottoms (of a mug of Emergen-C) up in hopes you stay flu-free this season! 

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