Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sick Old Hag.

That's exactly what I feel like.

I have been sick all week with a summer head cold.

 What dinner looks like this week with green tea in my favorite mug from Samantha
Stuffy. Coughy. Hot flashy. Why do I always catch every virus?
Luckily the weather has been Fall-like and amazing so I can leave the windows open and endure my hot flashes as they come. Tasha's been stuck like glue to my side and we've been enjoying long naps in the afternoon. I've been trying to chug water and peppermint green tea as often as possible. It's just lousy to feel lousy.
After a few days of medicating my cold with over-the-counter drugs I feel massively stoned and totally out of it. No thank you. I'm trying to speed up the recovery process by ingesting a lot of garlic, breathing in red onions, and any other hippie dippie things I can find on the internet. I also spent yesterday evening smudging our house with dried white sage to expel negative energy and encourage a positive space. Yes, this is who I am now.
Do you have any favorite natural head cold treatments?


  1. TONS of hot water with lemon and if you want to clear up your throat, just a little bit of brandy :)


You look so pretty today.