Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Secret (Exactly What You Think it is).

I'm not sure if you already know this but sometimes life is, like, really stressful. Instead of really succumbing to the stress by drowning myself in cheesy pizza and a vat of wine, I've been expecting the best and working toward solutions for every problem.  Yes, not hoping for the best, I'm expecting it.
Why? Cause I'm Secret-ing the shit out of life, bro. I know, I can actually hear your eyeballs rolling into the back of your head but hear (read?) me out.
Many moons ago one of my best friends, Katie, handed me a copy of The Secret and told me to read it. I loved it. I loved the notion of attracting positivity and pushing negativity from your life. Though I didn't agree with every point--mostly that everything you get is a direct result of your thoughts and behavior because sometimes bad things do just happen--I felt like my eyes had been opened. Katie and I wound up also watching the movie together (you can find it on iTunes, it's basically the book come to life). I realized there was a direct relationship between my attitude and how my life was going at any given time. In the early 2000's when I was going through a very selfish phase and was kind of out of control? I attracted bad situations, unsavory people, and squashed dreams. In 2010, right before my wedding, I was consciously trying to radiate positivity and was starting every day believing things would go well. Guess what? They pretty much did. There were still bad days or cranky people here and there, but overall, it was the happiest I've ever been and in a lot of ways the most fortunate too.
Since my initial reading, because I haven't really picked up the book or read any of the following works by the author (though I may check them out from the library soon), the sentiments of the Secret have kind of fallen out of mind. I've allowed myself to believe I didn't deserve certain good things and that I did deserve certain bad things. After a stressful few months I've decided to pick the book up off the bookcase and begin actively practicing the laws of attraction again. Because, why not?
Know this, I call myself a realistic believer in the laws of attraction. For example, when they say to eat food and expect it not to have calories I draw a bit of a line. Because, you know, science. But I do believe there is a definite connection between being good to yourself (including treating yourself with respect, nourishing your body, and making yourself happy) and the universe being good to you too.
I know a lot of people call boo-hockey on the Secret and poo-poo the idea that you can attract things you want, but I figure...what's the harm in being positive? If you are still working hard for what you want, what's the problem with deeply believing you deserve it? Get your hopes up, gurrrl. Be happy whenever possible, boi. Believe that you deserve all the good things you really want and that you'll get them. 
So go forth, Obi Wan, the force (of the universe) is strong with you...and with me too. 

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