Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Good, Ol' Dry Brushin'.

So you already know that I love me a good detox and/or beauty habit, right?
In addition to my morning oil pull and ice cube facial, I've also been scratching my skin with a thick and naturally bristled brush. I said that somewhat dramatically but it's totally crazy and true. I mean I brush my teeth and my hair (not really...curly haired people sometimes don't do that), so why not my sweet pale skin?
Over the years, I've read a lot of articles about dry brushing and I've heard of all these celebrities who swear by it. Being someone who is trying to be the best caretaker ever to her bod and maybe reduce the appearance of some cellulite (big whoop, most of us have it) I finally tried it out. After reading this article, I bought my brush (I have the one above and it was el cheap-o) and got to work.
I. love. it. I sweep my body in long strokes (that felt weird to write) from bottom to top moving toward my ever-beating heart. I tend to brush right after my daily shower and I am sure to cover my bod in vitamin E oil right after. I've been brushin' for about three weeks daily and I feel like my skin is softer and someday maybe that cellulite on my thighs will disappear a little bit. Not to mention that, since your circulation really gets going, it warms your body up to brush (great for winter!).
To keep my brush clean I wash it weekly with warm water and makeup brush shampoo, making sure to keep it very dry after washing. Scrub-a-dub-dub, indeed.
Do you brush?

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