Monday, September 16, 2013

Oil Pullin'.

I mentioned before that I am interested in detoxing but I can't really handle a few day detox. Because of that, I'm always looking for ways to get the toxins out of my body without going six days drinking kale juice and eating chia seeds.Recently I've started oil pulling with coconut oil every morning before breakfast. I'd read about oil pulling a few times and have some friends who swear by it but I was always eye-rolly about trying it myself. 

After getting a cavity filled for the second time, it was still causing me some pain (thanks, bad tooth genetics!). Everyday, despite brushing my teeth after every meal, I would have a dull pain around my tooth so I decided to give oil pullin' a try. The first day was...weird. I took a big spoonful of coconut oil and nearly barfed. Since then I've learned to take smaller spoonfuls and swish the oil while doing other things (seriously, who wants to stand at the counter doing nothing for 15 minutes). I'm not sure if it's mind tricks or what but I've had less pain, my mouth feels cleaner, and my teeth look a bit brighter.After giving it a try for a week, I've decided to include oil pulling unto my daily routine.

Do you pull?

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