Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Veggie Fest is Totally the Best (Sorry Again).

When I was yammering on about carnivals did I remember to mention I also love festivals of all kinds? The Taste of Chicago was an annual tradition when I was growing up and since moving farther from the city and realizing how ding dang expensive the Taste can be, I've stopped going every year. Plus, let's get real, when you're a vegetarian like I am (for 18 years, whattup!) it can be rough trying to find things to chow on at big festivals where the favorites are turkey legs and chicken cigars. 

Okay, so then Veggie Fest came into my life and made me as happy as a (free living, uneaten) clam. 

My mom and I headed out to Naperville on Sunday to check out all the vegan and vegetarian goodness. We're both longtime vegetarians and were so excited to be at a fest where we could eat anything instead of having to fight a sea of porkchops on a stick trying to find something meat-free. We weren't disappointed! It was a bit smaller than we expected but we found tons of goodies to snack on.There were plenty of veggie-friendly vendors handing out samples and offering up fried "chicken" or dairy-free fro-yo.

 I loved this dip! It had a bit of a kick and great flavor. I snagged a jar and plan to devour it with cucumber slices.

 Do you love this bad photo of a veggie empanada? It was crunchy perfection dipped in guacamole. 

 Another bad photo! Tiny purse = no room for Nikon.This veggie kebob was THE BOMB TASTE EXPLOSION. I want to eat one every single day.

 My favorite find of the day? Vegan marshmallows! S'mores are one of my very favorite things (they were even the guest favor at our wedding) but I don't eat gelatin. I've tried other vegan 'mallows but they were gritty or flat or otherwise gnarly. These Dandies tasted just like the real thing. I loved 'em so much I bought two bags!
 My mom's favorite dessert is carrot cake. This vegan version was pretty good but also incredibly sweet. We each took a tiny bite or two before sugar shock set in. 

This dairy-free fro-yo was my lover.
This singer was so energetic and rad. He's probably going to be my new best friend.

All in all it was such a great, delicious time! It definitely inspired me to try more vegan meals and get a little more adventurous with my vegetarian cooking.

See you next year, Veggie Fest!

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