Friday, July 5, 2013


...saying over and over "I can't believe it's already July!" I am usually not that person but I legit can't grasp how quickly June flew out of my hands. I'm okay with that, it means Fall is just getting closer and closer!
....eating clean. Clean everything. After a visit to the doctor and a round of somewhat disappointing blood tests I am on a week long detox and then a 99% "clean" diet for a couple of months. C'mon bod, get your shit together. No booze, Taco Bell, or cupcakes for a few months in this corner of the universe. Eh well, it could be MUCH worse, at least they haven't suggested I eat meat again yet...
...making felt zombies at some point this weekend. I got a kit for Christmas in a Secret Santa and I loved it but haven't gotten around to actually sewing it yet. Photos and sore sewing fingers forthcoming.
...on my To Do list every single ding dang thing. Okay, probably not EVERYTHING but it sure does feel that way. I've made a huge list (and further organized it by categories like Financials, Work, Home: Indoors, Home: Outdoors, etc. I'm a lunatic. For real.) and I hope to finish it out by August 1st.
....wearing workout clothes. I meant to work out an hour ago but then took 12,000 years to eat my breakfast.
...listening to my Beach Boys station on Pandora. Oh, did you say "perfect for summertime"? I thought so. I can't stop and won't stop. It's a step back into my own childhood and it's mild enough so that if I'm babysitting some littles I'm not accidentally teaching them swear words (wouldn't THAT be a fun surprise for their parents!).
...reading a big, ol' stack of books I got from the library. Yes, I still use the library and you should too. Don't let them go extinct.
...watching reruns! We cancelled our cable service so we've been enjoying reruns of our favorite shows. I have been on a somewhat alarming Full House kick. Yes, Rhyno hates it.
...loving this mild Midwest summer weather! Last year was so hot and humid that my migraines were in full force (I was not built for extreme heat). With milder weather I've been enjoying having the windows open and laying on my lawn chairs without wanting to die.
...saving my pennies for a debt-free life!
...thankful for my job and the people I work with. I've been thinking about it lately and, though freelancing can be unpredictable sometimes, I really wouldn't rather be anywhere else. It's nice to genuinely enjoy the people you're collaborating with and I really love what I do for a living. I've been reminding myself that not everyone is lucky enough to have that.
...wishing you have a great weekend! Happy Friday!
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