Wednesday, July 3, 2013

She & Him & Me & Her

Hump day, am I right?
I think summer is the perfect time for beachy every-damn-thing. Beach waves in my hair (though I only live close to rivers so technically they are frizzy river waves), a beachy glow on my never-gets-a-burn-or-a-tan skin, and music that reminds me of a tiny beach in the 60's. When I need that waves n' water type music fix I usually turn to my She & Him station on Pandora. I was so excited to get a chance to see her in concert, with the undeniably talented M. Ward, last week with one of my best friends. They played the beautiful and always insanely hot Aragon Ballroom in Chicago with Camera Obscura and we had the best time.
If you are thinking about saying how sick you are of Zooey Deschanel and how adorkable she is, just swallow the words back into your stomach and drink a glass of orange juice or something. 
The show was great, Cara and I got there early enough to sneak some seats on the balcony pretty close to the stage. Why did we sit down in a standing room only venue? Um, because we're old hags mostly.
Now...don't tell Zooey because there were signs posted saying she specifically requested no one photograph the concert but I snuck a couple, two, tree snapshots anyways.
Concerts are always quite the experience for me but this one really made something click into my brain. Maybe it was the disco ball, the beautiful room that I've seen so many shows in, Zooey jamming on the ukulele, or the cover of Unchained Melody that turned me into a puddle of tears but I realized something very important: do whatever the eff makes you happy every single day. Seeing someone doing what makes them the happiest just made me happy--with her sparkly shoes and boppy dancing you could tell she was doing what makes her happy (I'd love that job too if I got to hear M. Ward's dreamy voice live every single day). I had this teeny feeling in my heart that it's nice to be happy and I'm so glad to be able to have a job I enjoy and people in my life who don't suck and a house that is full of possibilities. Life is so good. Thanks, Z.D.
Have you seen any good concerts lately?

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