Friday, July 19, 2013

Fridays are So Rad.

Happy Friday!
Fridays are the best, right?
I am currently...
....eating soft serve vanilla ice cream cones from McDonald's. It is far from clean eating but I splurge once or twice a week...I mean you are required to eat soft serve in the summertime, right? That's why summer was invented.
...making some tennis-themed cupcakes for a graduation party on Sunday. Us gals at Bite. love a good theme!
...on my To Do list cleaning every inch of the house and getting rid of the clutter! I've been going through each room with a fine tooth comb (the kitchen took me 13 hours over three days!) and gathering things to sell at a garage sale.
...listening to so much AWOLNATION. I can't stop. I made a mix CD and when I played it for Rhyno he said, "So it's the entire AWOLNATION album with one song by Ke$ha?" Yes, I'm balanced like that.
...reading Jillian Michaels Unlimited. I know, I know. I was curious so I checked it out from the library, it's pretty good. Gone Girl is next on my list--I've heard so many good things!
...watching Parks & Rec all day long. It never fails to make me laugh and I love that Leslie Knope!
...loving neon. All neon everything all day everyday. Summer was made for neon nail polish and hot pink clothing (and soft serve ice cream).
...thankful to have Fridays off! I really enjoy having a day to myself to get things done and it helps leave the weekend open for all the fun things.
...wishing you a wonderful weekend!
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