Monday, July 15, 2013


Over the weekend I housesat for my adventure-seeking folks while they zip-lined around Georgia. I should house sit professionally because I'm really good at playing with the dog, taking dips in the hot tub, and spending time in the home gym in the basement (yes, they turned my old bedroom into a gym). My parents designed every inch of the house and built it about ten years ago. It's been so cool over the years to see how they've changed it and really turned a plain plot of land in the country to a home with lots of little details. One of the details I most envy? The tiny gardens all over the 1.5 acres they own.
My parents both have a total green thumb that I don't think I inherited at all (I've killed two cacti in the last 2 years, whattup). When they began building the house there were already quite a few trees and two ponds on the lot. My folks are constantly adding to the number of plants and creating tiny gardens all over and it is so gorgeous when everything is in bloom.
Pops of color here, there, and everywhere.

I wish I was someone who was crazy into horticulture. I am not. I know my favorite flowers are peonies and that's all. If you say, "S. Guff, what type of flower is this?" I'll say, "Purple kind."

Don't know what you are, sirs, but I sure do enjoy you.

I have a blog so I HAVE to like succulents, right? That's the rule, right? ;)
Whoa, levitating flower basket! It IS magical out here!
Okay, geese are not plants BUT aren't they beautiful? Yeah, and they're also jerk offs. I was doing the "morning chores" (feeding the pets, watering said plants, filling the bird feeders) and out of nowhere one of these chumps ran up on me with wings stretched and honking like a lunatic! So, like any calm person, I threw the pitcher of bird seed in the air, screamed, and ran onto the porch as fast as my chubby legs would take me.
Happy Monday, don't get beat up by a goose today!

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