Wednesday, July 10, 2013


If you know me then you probably know Tasha.
Hanging out in the backyard...boy, I love our Secret Garden-ish plot o' land!
Tasha's kind of the best ever. She is my Velcro dog and super snuggly and gets anxious when there are too many people in our house (NOT a party animal). She isn't really a big fan of kids or other dogs (no biting, just a real grump and no interest), but really the biggest fan of me and Rhyno and Kira and Joodle. She loves cookies and doesn't like to sleep by herself. She is good at hugging and is very good at sounding scary when the doorbell rings. She loves coming to my office with me and sneaking human food whenever possible.
We adopted the old lady just over a year ago. I really love her guts. I so wish we could've gotten her as a puppy so we could soak in more years with her but I'm enjoying spending her golden oldies together (and I'm silently shaking my fist at her first family that gave her up after 8 years). She has come to us with her fair share of health problems that should've been treated years ago (again with my shaking fist), but her quality of life is still very good (twice-daily medications, swimming appointments, heated massages, and owners that really love you will do that). We took her to the vet on Monday and found out she needs surgery for an infection...expensive, probably kinda painful surgery. Aye carumba.
We take her for another appointment tonight where they will check her out again and schedule her surgery date. I am shaking in my boots a little bit. I've lost all three of my childhood dogs in the last three years and the mention of surgery has me a bit batty. So if you have a second today just send a handful of good vibes to Tasha-Boo.
She could use them. And I could too. 

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