Monday, July 29, 2013

If I Had It My Way...

...every day would be the perfect day to wear a dress and black tights.
...most of the year we would have Midwest October weather with snow only on Christmas and New Year's Eve and bright, hot sunshine on the 4th of July.
...avocados would never go bad. home would always smell like fresh laundry.

...homemade chocolate chip cookies wouldn't have calories.
...high heels wouldn't hurt my feet.
...there would be a "pause" button on life so you could stop and enjoy tiny moments a little more.
...there would be a cable channel that only played my favorite episodes of my favorite TV shows.

...people would be more respectful of nature.
...Tina Fey and Amy Poehler would live across the street from me.
...bad hair days wouldn't exist. bike seat wouldn't hurt my butt.

...pomegranates would be much easier to eat.
...people would smile more.
...everyone would be eligible for one totally free vacation every year. would have a rad Monday.

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