Friday, July 26, 2013

When I Started Blogging About Weight Loss.

I repeat this to myself every dang day.
So, I'm on a weight loss journey and I'm going to blog about it. I know, I'm the first person to ever do that! ;)
It's a little weird that I've never really taken a deep diving into my journey on any blog but I was always so ashamed and embarrassed about it. Even on my 3 year old (now defunct) Sweetie Kiss Pie blog I just never really mentioned it despite the fact that I lost 50 pounds while blogging there (don't worry I gained it all back). In just over a decade I've lost weight, gained weight, tried every diet, and had many of those "Diet starts Monday!" moments. Seven years ago I was in the best shape of my life and since then I've been my heaviest and lost some and then gained it (plus a little extra) back.
Wanting to lose weight and/or being chubby has become my "thing" in the last few years and on July 1st I officially began to change that. I was tired of being self-conscious, not being able to fit into all of my beautiful clothes, and just not feeling like myself.  I've been reading health magazines since my early teens and I am obsessed with food/health documentaries. I feel like I know a lot and I don't put my knowledge to good use. After a few month health struggle and a few blood tests later, I got serious about my journey and I'mma blog all about this shit even though it mortifies me.
Since July 1st, 2013...
Pounds down: 10
Pounds to go: 90
That's right. I want to eventually lose 100 pounds. It's so embarrassing to say that but I'll deal with it in private...while I'm cringing in an empty bathtub sniffing chocolate cupcakes and thinking of anyone reading this. This is my body. I'm working to improve it, and suck it if you don't like it.
Five lessons I'm learning along the way (even though it's only been three weeks):

1.) Own It: I don't care to hide that I need/want to lose weight anymore. When I go to a party and someone asks why I'm not having a beer or taking a piece of cake I just politely say, "I don't want it" instead of saying my usual, "Oh, I can't. I'm on a diet! It sucks so bad...oh, you got me a Coors Light while I was talking? Thanks!! Pass the cake too, I don't want to be rude." Or, as I did at a recent family party, I just totally avoid it. They served desserts and I just slipped into another room far away.

2.) Utilize Any Available Tools: I track all my food, water intake, and exercise on (the totally free!) MyFitnessPal website and mobile app. Does it take time and effort? Of course, but it has helped keep me mindful of my body and reminds me to be good to myself. When I am bored or feeling unmotivated I hit the message boards. Pinterest is another amazing and obvious tool and I love finding new healthy boards to follow.

3.) Drink Up: "Drink your water!" is an obvious tip but seriously. I notice a big difference in my energy level and motivation to eat better when my innards are swimming. I use a mason jar instead of a regular glass since it holds more of the goodness. I fill one up before bed and chug it the second I wake up in the morning. I try to drink a big glass before and after every meal. I also dump tea down my throat like I'm getting paid for it (well I'm usually at work when I do that so, like, maybe technically?).

4.) Detox: After my morning water, I chug down hot water with lemon juice. For a chub, I'm weird about toxins and getting my life all cleaned up. Here are some great tips for everyday detoxing. I've also tried to cut out most processed food since everything seems to be processed with ten levels of icky.

5.) Find a Motivator: Everyone knows I'm in love with Jillian Michaels (see quote above). She really motivates me (as well as her Biggest Loser success story Danni Allen) and I thank her for that as she counts her money. I saw her speak live in May, I own most of her books/DVDs, and when I am down I turn to her podcast for motivation and a few laughs.  I'm also motivated by those around me--friends who have gotten healthy, family that are also on a similar journey, and my type 1 diabetic Rhyno who never fails to be supportive.

What are your best tips for adopting a healthier lifestyle?

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