Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Seven Years...What?!

July 16th is such a cool date.
Seven years ago today, my (at the time) friend Rhyno asked me to be his girlfriend and I made him clarify his statement and lay down specifics of his proposal for a relationship. I said sure and we've been together ever since--getting closer and closer to a decade!
Our first photo together as a couple...also that time that I just bared my non-existent cleavage because you can do that at gay dance clubs without a ton of judgment.
 I know once you're married it's weird to celebrate your dating anniversary but it's still pretty special to me. It was a day that changed my life and made crazy, ol' Rhyno a permanent fixture in my atmosphere. July 16th was cool and in the following two weeks we met one another's families for the first time (when I met his mom I got my high heel stuck in a heating grate and his uncle had to pry it out, so that was awesome and didn't make me want to crawl in a hole and die at all). Within six months we were engaged and then a billion years after that we got married! Love is so rad.
So happy!
So emo!
Here's to you, July 16th and to seven years of mushy, gushy, makes-you-barf-cause-it's-so-dang-cute love!
Together at Pride right before our first anniversary in 2007. I call my hairstyle the "I'm hungover as shit and it's hot as balls out here" updo.

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