Monday, July 1, 2013

A Month of Goodness.

Roughing it while housesitting for my parents.
Oh, hi! Can you even believe it's July? Ugh, I love rhyming.
I am so excited for this month ahead of us. Near the end of May I, as I do every year, proclaimed this would be an amazing summer. I wanted to focus on health and wealth, which are pretty general goals.
 I made a budget plan and I am proud to say we have been (mostly) sticking to it. Ideally we'd like to save enough to pay off one (relatively low) credit card, both of our cars, and pay down our student loans. I'm planning a larger post solely focused on budget tips and tricks but the internet is kind of awesome for finding little ways to save (my favorite, favorite personal finance blog is And Then We Saved). We've also been working as much as possible and we've cut out some expensive "luxuries" (cable TV, Birchbox, etc.) to save some cashola. We're makin' it rain! Er...we're collecting that rainwater in buckets and depositing it into our bank accounts so that we can live life debt-free.
So we're doing well on the wealth side and on the health side we're also doing well. Again, the internet is so rad for finding healthy meal plans (especially on a budget) and I've actually been utilizing my (embarrassingly large) workout DVD collection. In an effort to make it a summer of complete wellness, I've been reading up on happiness (more on that another day) and I actually GASP went to the doctor. I never do that. Ever. Seriously. But that's what this summer is all about right? Making myself my number one priority.
Do you have any big plans for July?

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