Monday, July 8, 2013

Encounters of the Fourth Kind.

Our town puts on such a GREAT show! There is a (terrifying for me) petting zoo beforehand and a live band and a bunch of jumpy castles for the tinies. It is a great place to spend a couple hours, I love this teeny tiny town of mine.
Happy Monday!
Mondays after a holiday are pretty rough, right? Here are some cute pictures from our Fourth of July celebration to boost your mood this morning. My freices ( best friend's baby girls) are just the cutest things ever.
Olive and her very first Ring Pop (we told her it was like a "candy paci"). Addie and I were walking around the grounds before the show--she wanted to play in the petting zoo...I was terrified she would get her guts kicked out by a goat so I spent the whole time trying to convince her the animals were nice/let's get the eff out of here! She finally decided to leave because she wanted to buy a treat before the fireworks. We rocked it old school and got Ring Pops and popcorn for her and Olive.

Addie and Olive before the fireworks.

Dang, if she didn't love that popcorn so much (also, how tan is she already?).
Eatin' "pockorns." Olive, have you been working out? Honestly, your shoulders....

Catching her reaction to the fireworks. It was so cool to see a kid's reaction to the big show. "Ooooh! PINK! Oooooh, RED! Oooh, DID YOU SEE THAT TURTLE!?"

Seeing pink fireworks and screaming, "PINK!" Too.stinking.cute.
I hope you had a great Fourth and have a great week!

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