Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Endless Summer Bucket List.

August will be here next week, can you even believe it?
 I feel like this summer kind of whizzed by and I forgot to do a big chunk of the things I wanted to. Don't get me wrong, our summer has been a blasty--we hosted 4th of July, visited the local farmer's market, enjoyed some bonfires with our neighbors (who also happen to be our BFFs!), ate barbequed goodness, and I tackled the outdoor chores that summertime requires. But there are still some things on my summer bucket list I'd like to see through before we slip into the most amazing season ever, Fall.
1.) Kayak: I am very lucky to live in a "water town." We are surrounded by rivers and there is excellent kayaking, swimming, canoeing, fishing all over the dang place. In the next town or so over there is a top rated kayaking class and you can rent one for the whole day. We are definitely doing this before that Fall weather comes a-knockin'.
2.) Soft Serve: I mean. I've been enjoying two or three cones a week but I'd love to have more...
3.) Barbeque My Brains Out: I plan out our dinners for the entire week during the weekend so I can shop appropriately and check calorie/nutrition counts on recipes. I am planning NOTHING but things that can be barbequed for the upcoming week.
4.) Bonfire: We have a close, darling circle of friends and one things we've always done? Bonfires. We have yet to host one at our house so I'd like to dust off our fire pit, set out some chairs, and get things going before September sets in. I'd love to have more outdoor get-togethers since our yard is one of my favorite things in the universe. Seriously.
5.) Hit Up All the Sales! This is probably the most important one--I need to go to every garage or estate sale in the surrounding area while I can. Oh, the treasures to be had!
6.) Spend One Full Day Just Relaxing: Summer is the time for kickin' back, right? Back in Spring Rhyno and I hit up a local estate sale and found the weathered and worn lawn chairs below. After a deep clean, a couple coats of paint, and making friends with some outdoor pillows, drink stakes and an ice bucket; these bad boys are heavenly. I plan to pick up some quick reads at the library and spend an entire day until the shade of our apple trees.
Before and after

And after after, when they got new buddies
Is there anything left on your summer bucket list?

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