Thursday, August 15, 2013

All About Bite. Cupcakes.

Over the last couple of years I've received quite a few questions about my side company that I co-own, Bite. Cupcakes. So allow me to shameless self-promote and chit chat a bit about my sugary passion.

 Lemon zest cake filled with fresh blueberry compote, topped with lemon buttercream

 I've always been a huge fan of baking--cupcakes, cookies, big specialty cakes, different breads. I just love it all. When we were living in our condo in 2010 I was constantly baking, bringing treats to family/friend gatherings, and posting photos on Facebook (yep, I'm THAT person). One of my very best friends, Katie, messaged me out of the blue one day and asked if I thought we should start a baking company--she's a baker too with a fantastic business mind. One question changed a lot of things. Of course, I said yes and we began to buzz excitedly about how we could build our business.

French toast cake with maple frosting, topped with crispy bacon

We began with bringing samples to different parties and spreading the word that way. We've been building this business very slowly but very surely (we both work full time and she has two babes so for now it's mostly a late-night/weekend job). We built our Facebook page, have recently printed out business cards, and book about two or three jobs a month. We are always trying new flavors and decorations--that's my very favorite part. I love getting together with Katie and figuring out different cake/filling/frosting combinations.  

Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

The holidays are a jackpot for us, obviously. Making themed 'cakes for customers' family gatherings is so much fun! I love seeing photos of people enjoying our desserts and hearing how much folks love them is a high that I chase constantly. 

 Hamburger cakes! Yellow cake "buns" with a brownie patty and colored buttercream. I saw this on Buzzfeed and made it for a family barbeque (pro bono, of course).

For the most part we try to use all nautral dyes and flavors. We use mostly organic ingredients and homemade extracts.We create recipes based on what the customer wants. You want a thick little poundcake cupcake with a light homemade whipped cream? Cool. You want a fluffier cake that tastes like the pound? We'll try our dangdest to figure one out.

 We helped my coworker with her baby gender reveal! Probably my favorite job so far--we helped share with the world that baby Aducci was a boy. Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream/red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Both are filled with homemade whipped cream (dyed blue). 

For now we bake in our homes and schedule pick-up or we deliver locally. We're still figuring out how to overnight 'cakes across the country. My brother in Florida has an order of key lime cupcakes on standby when we figure that out. I've also recently converted my second kitchen (yep, my house has two kitchens) into the Bite. offices so we'll have a dedicated space for work.

 Milk chocolate cake with vanilla sugar frosting topped with dark chocolate chips for a boy baby shower

The biggest question I hear is, "Are you hoping to open a store someday?" Yes. The answer is a big yes. I do dream of owning a local storefront and filling big glass jars full of colorful sprinkles and cupcake wrappers. Katie and I will cross that bridge in the future though since rent ain't cheap.

Dark chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream topped with a salted caramel bird's nest cookie and chocolate Cadbury mini-eggs

We've been overwhelmed with support from our friends and family from the very beginnings of our company. It's really special to me that so many people were quickly supportive of this dream o' ours.  

 Vanilla bean cake filled with fresh strawberry compote topped with homemade whipped cream and sugar hearts

The winner of the Worth Days 2012 cupcake contest! An "America the Beautiful" theme we went with blue velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and a homemade white chocolate star on the top. On the bottom is an apple-cinnamon cake topped with homemade apple jam and cinnamon buttercream.

It is a big goal of ours to spend more time on Bite. in the coming months and the upcoming year. We're hoping to expand into other desserts (cookies and whoopie pies, anyone?) and do more marketing (for a gal in marketing/PR I should spend more time on that). We're excited to grow this little business of ours with social presence, entering more baking competitions, photographing more of our baked goods, putting together some ads here and there, and our BFF word of mouth. We're continuing to expand our menu and really focus on what customers want us to create. So tell me...

What does your dream cupcake taste like?

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