Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday's Were Made for Smilin'.

So if you know me you know I'm basically obsessed with Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. Since Friday is such a cool day, I just wanted to share a tiny shell-sized smile with you in the form of my very favorite Marcel quote.

Marcel is so much goodness. Tiny Marcel's videos make me laugh every single time I watch them....cause I can smell his face*...I was babysitting a week ago and showed Addie and Olive a Marcel video. Giggles abound! "Eep, that shell is so toiny! That shell is so cute! That shell talks so nice!" (That was all Addie, Olive was chanting "'Nack, 'nack, markers?, 'nack" over and over again cause I had mentioned eating Cheerios and apparently she was thinking about markers?).

I hope you remember to smile a lot today, it's totally worth it.Oh, and have a snack.

Have a happy Friday!!

*Watch the videos. This is a joke.

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