Monday, August 12, 2013

Festivals are the Bestivals (Sorry).

 I love a good carnival. Spending the whole day in the sunshine eating delicious junky treats, riding creaky rides, and oh! the people watching. Carnivals and town fests are one of my very favorite parts of summer. 

Saturday was probably one of my favorite days this summer. I spent the entire day with my best friends at our town festival, Three Rivers Festival. The only thing missing was Rhyno who was working overtime and couldn't make it out. Sad face emoticon, am I right? 
 Ahhh, all those rides that I could ride for hours as a kid and now just lookin' at them makes me pukey.

 Carnival food is kind of my weakness. Surprisingly I only had a cheese quesadilla and a Coke at the Fest. Dang it if I wasn't regretting not getting a box of popcorn or a big cloud of pink cotton candy.

 Little Addie made a pit stop at the Slush Stop--it was so cool! I had never seen a slushie bar before where you could just fill up your cup with 12,000 different flavors. 

 Always one of my favorite "rides" as a kiddo! 

 There was a cupcake contest at the Fest and we entered just for fun. We went full-out carnival themed and put together a sweet funnel cake cupcake with homemade funnel cake on top. They were SO GOOD! We got second place and felt totally robbed--these bad boys were amazing! Dang you, cupcake judges. 

 We stayed until near closing time--I love when they light up the big ferris wheel. It is such a summertime moment. Like I always say, it ain't summer til the ferris wheel lights up. Alright, I've never said that before just now.

It was such a perfect summer day (aside from the second place ribbon on our first place 'cakes). Addie even talked me and one of my bests Liz into taking her on the big ferris wheel--it was terrifying! She was a champ and was so excited though. I kinda loved looking over my tiny, wonderful town from the top of the wheel...and then I went back to clutching my seat and trying not to fear barf everywhere.
Have you hit up any great town festivals this summer?

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