Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hungry for Change...and Also for Food.

I mentioned here that I recently embarked on a little detox from Hungry for Change. Welp. It was a bit of an experience. 

The detox is intended to be three days thought you can stretch it out to five or seven if you feel like it. Did I feel like it? Um, no. I had mentioned before that the prep time was pretty long but the food was really great. I loved the potassium balance soup--I added some cayenne pepper to it each day to give it a little kick in the pants. I really messed up on the dessert pudding which was supposed to be made with chia seeds but I used flaxseed. It looked like mold and never congealed. Overall the detox wasn't great for me. I had a couple slip-ups where I didn't eat the foods because I wasn't home and I don't think you can order Potassium Balance soup at Panera or anything.

It wasn't that the food was nasty or anything. I'm just learning that I am not a detox gal. I wish I was a woman who could just drink spirulina and kale juice for a week straight to detox my body. I'm not. Along my weight loss journey and building a healthier lifestyle I'm learning that I need to make subtle changes instead of my usual plan to just overhaul everything at once. I do like the idea of detoxing because the modern world is really full of some grody things but maybe a strict detox diet isn't for me. I'd rather just take a nice ginger detox bath, drink hot water with lemon in the mornings, and chug the good stuff all day long. 

I'm taking a break from these detoxes for a while because, honestly, it just makes me feel down on myself when I don't stick strictly to it. I will say I did lose a couple of pounds during the three days so that was a total plus. I will add some of these meals into my normal rotation because they were chock full of nutrients. I didn't stick to it like I should've BUT I still think it was a positive experience because I added some foods to my diet that I wouldn't have tried normally. Spirulina, what? The detox suggested it and I was skeptical but my mom surprised me with an Amazon delivery of yep, you guess it. Spirulina. It is definitely earthy and I've been adding it to smoothies (my current favorite breakfast smoothie is spirulina, kale, almond milk, chia seeds, cinnamon, and blueberries).

What are your detoxing experiences?

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