Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Things I Don't Plan to Buy Anymore....for a While at Least...

In an effort to simplify our home, I've been purging things and really taking inventory of what we have. I've combed through each room and sold/donated things we don't use. I went through our huge filing cabinet and shredded old documents that we no longer need. I went through my email inbox and unsubscribed from any email I don't actually read. I've been feeling so refreshed, that catharsis that comes with getting rid of junk is amazing!

In addition to getting rid of things, a huge part of simplifying is to stop buying junk in the first place. I mentioned that we're currently on a mission to save our pennies. It seems easy enough, right? I thought so too until I realized there are just some things I don't need but I really enjoy having. 

Some of  the things I'm not buying anymore (and cheaper alternatives to cope with not having them)

I am a candle junkie--the fall scents are my favorites. I love to have a candle burning in our living room whenever we're home and it just feels cozier with that little flame burnin' bright. But, shit's expensive. For so long I'd drop an easy $50 on pumpkin pie candles from Yankee (oh, that heavenly smell!). Goodbye, my too expensive pals. I'm using up the ones we have left and after that I'm switching to some of these ideas keep our home smelling so fresh. 

Oh, boy. This one. Recently, as I heard my spoon scrape the bottom of the empty coffee can I decided to quit the stuff for a hot minute. I've read articles on both sides of the coffee war and for now I'm trying to stick to tea. We do have a Keurig and those k-cups can be crazy expensive. We originally cut down on that cost by getting an Ekobrew cup and would typically purchase store-brand cans of java. But if I can cut a cost on my grocery list, I'm going to do it (debt-free life, come at me!). When I'm jonesing for joe, I just make myself another cup of tea instead. I was usually a cup-a-day coffee hound before and I thought I would really miss my morning jolt. Truth be told? After nearly a week I don't miss the stuff just yet, though I am speeding through green tea leaves at an alarming rate!

Straws and Other Disposable Items
I need to tell you that I have a problem. I am crazy in love with those old timey striped paper straws. I keep them on display in our kitchen and burn through a couple a day. I also will snatch up paper plates and plastic flatware whenever we have company over (or it's cute or it's on sale) so that I don't have to use our glass dishes. This is not only a waste of cashola and so NOT green, it causes unnecessary clutter. We can do dishes when we have company over to eat. We must learn to deal with it.

Anti-Aging Anything
Admittedly, it is kind of dumb that I was dropping cash on this stuff in my twenties. I've been using eye creams and serums for years and I might not need them quite yet. I know, I know, "be proactive!" But I think with my healthier diet, weekly homemade facial masks, detox teas/baths, and exercise my skin will look younger on it's own.

How do you simplify your life?


  1. this is such an amazing/difficult exercise! i go through it with dan all the time, and though we could never give up coffee, we're constantly looking for ways to tweak our budget. you've inspired me to make another go at it!


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