Monday, August 5, 2013

Not So Dashing Diva.

This past Saturday some of my favorite ladies and I headed out to Sandwich, Illinois to complete the Shape Magazine Diva Dash. After toughing out the Warrior Dash in June I was feeling pretty pumped to compete in a women-only obstacle course presented by one of my favorite magazines.

Some of my favorite ladies--(L to R) my cousins Kaeli and Samantha, me, and my mom Riya.

We decided to stay overnight in Sandwich and after a hotel snafu, a long drive, many laughs, and a few winks of sleep (thanks super loud guy in the adjoining room shouting at 5am for waking us up!) we suited up and headed out to the course. We all agreed that the fairgrounds were so cute and the check-in tables were super organized (my mom joked that it's because ladies were running the show). We snagged a Luna bar sample, checked out the goods for sale, picked up our high-end complimentary running shirts, and hopped in line for our wave time. 

And that's basically when I stopped having fun. I think all the emotions from the difficult week I'd had caught up to me (not to mention that I'm at the tail end of a bad cold so I was coughzilla). I cried about a mile in and couldn't even put my finger on why. My family just kept cheering me on, pep talking me up, and encouraged me to finish the race out. Around mile 1.5 I got a MAJOR migraine (from the sun/not wearing glasses/squiting/the usual) and was actually dry-heaving while climbing a cargo net. But you know what? I finished the race out and that's what counts. I didn't have the same feeling of accomplishment that I did for the Warrior Dash but that's mostly because I wanted to blow my migrained head off.

As for the actual event, it was...meh. We all agreed that the obstacles we had seen on the website looked much more fun. The entire race course was in the direct sun with zero shade and none of the rumored mud or water obstacles. We did get a swag bag at the end with a copy of Shape (with my Jill Michaels on the cover!), an Oikos coupon, and a full-sized Luna bar. In all honesty? I wouldn't do it again. We have decided that, despite my mental and physical breakdown on the course, this was going to be our "thing." We are going to do fun runs together and spend the night beforehand. Dang, I love those ladies.

Did you Diva Dash? What did you think?

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