Thursday, August 22, 2013

Treat Yo' Self.

Oh, Parks and Rec, I love you so.

Have you ever seen that episode of Parks & Rec where Tom and Donna explain Treat Yo' Self Day? If not, WHY? YOU NEED TO BE WATCHING PARKS AND REC. If so, congrats. You are very cool and awesome and you have good taste. 

In my weight loss journey I've been trying to keep myself motivated in different ways--hanging old clothes that no longer fit in plain sight to get myself excited to wear them again, watching reruns of my beloved Ugly Betty while I'm on the treadmill, and spending hours on Pinterest in the name of "healthy lifestyle research." I've heard a lot of people say they stay motivated by giving themselves small (non-food) rewards when they achieve a goal. I've decided to hop on that bandwagon and reward myself for every ten pounds lost. In the effort of simplifying and trying to save money, I saved the more expensive rewards for later down the line to give myself time to save up. 

10 Pounds Down
One new nail polish 
(got this one! Essie's Sugar Daddy)
20 Pounds Down

30 Pounds Down
Basket for my bike

40 Pounds Down
Pair of ballet flats

50 Pounds Down
One item from Soap & Glory

60 Pounds Down
One Bare Minerals item

70 Pounds Down
LoveQuotes scarf

80 Pounds Down
Bliss World Lean Machine

90 Pounds Down
New bathing suit

100 Pounds Down
New clothes!

It's still crazy to me to see that triple digit but I'm so excited to be getting healthy and to be rewarding myself in the process!

How do you reward yourself for goals achieved?

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