Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kitchen Dreams.

Here's a secret: I love our home.

Okay, that might be the worst kept secret of all time. Ever since the first time we heard a rumor that the house was going up for sale and peeked at the outside on the way to our best friends' house I have been in love. A lover of old things, our house suits me perfectly with aged trees and lots of little nooks and crannies. I love the multi-level layout and the big side yard with the built in fire-pit and the two story shed out back. I love every inch of this place of ours.

Well...maybe not EVERY inch. One place I don't love so much? Our kitchen. With it's 70's (not in a good way) floor tile, dark cabinets, awkwardly deep pantry shelves, and shaky island counter it is the place where I spend most of my time and it needs a facelift. Don't get me wrong, the room is very functional and I don't walk in there every day shaking my fist but on the list of things we'd like to remodel that kitchen is very first. We've done small things to make the kitchen more appealing until we can afford a remodel--we painted the formerly DARK green walls a poppy seafoam and threw down colorful rugs and up colorful curtains. I filled the corners with thrift store treasures (glass milk bottles, a funny clocks). There will always be that vintage-inspired element (see: my 1980's hanging fruit basket and giant diner clock) but I wouldn't mind chucking those icky tiles to the curb forever.

So, Pinterest walks into a bar and...I basically start making out with it and begging it for cute kitchen inspiration. Some of the most drool-worthy ideas that have me counting down the seconds until we remodel?

Be still my heart! I love the colors, the light, and that beautiful stainless steel farm sink. My kingdom for a farm sink...

Not blue for me but me oh my do I love a glass-front cabinet with a colored backdrop! I might do ours a bit brighter. I'm partial to seafoam and mint...could you tell? Also...goodbye soffits! Cabinets to the ceiling for all!

I definitely plan to keep some type of island/breakfast bar once all is said and done (I like to chomp down my lunch at the counter while I work). BUT those basket woven chairs left by the last owner? They need to get to steppin'. I love the gold accents on these bad boys.

This kitchen is basically one giant eye-boner for me. I've always thought the kitchen should be bright and full of light with pops of color. This is a bit girly, I admit, but I'm lucky to be married to a hunk who doesn't care if our house dangerously teeters on the edge of twee. 

 Call the coroner because I am dead. I definitely want to get our pantry out of this house and start fresh. Our current pantry is so oddly designed and has carpeting and I feel like I can't full utilize it. The pantry above? Heavenly. Everything is visible and there is so much storage space. Plus, as a kid I totally would've played general store in this rad pantry.

We don't have a formal dining room and I've struggled to find a way to meet functionality and cute. I love the idea of half booth/half chairs. We have a sliding door on one side of our table and it opens into the front room on the other. If we could do a half booth against the back wall and a cute formica table? Hell schyes. 

Our current light fixtures are a bit heavy and dark. I'd definitely love to have a funky fixture for over the dining table--I've been obsessed with starburst lights since I saw one on an episode of Cribs as a teenager (um, embarrassing). I'm willing to go a bit more plain with the actual kitchen fixture because my main concern is putting a ceiling fan in there. We don't currently have one and, boy, it gets HOT!

Oh, pennies! Save yourselves so we can get to work on this dreamy kitchen! 




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