Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
I love this time of year and this sugar-filled holiday. Rhyno and I celebrated the spooky day with some friends at a costume party last weekend--it was a blast! We are spending the actual Halloween evening passing out candy and watching Hocus Pocus and trying not to eat all of the aforementioned candy.
We had a fun experience with our costumes--I was SO excited to buy our costumes online. I spent a couple of hours eyeballing and price comparing every costume. I finally settled on the cutest looking gnome costumes and had to have them rush shipped to us before the costume party. So they arrived and I was pleased as really good punch...until we tried them on. Um, remind me next year to just sew our dang costumes instead of trying to bargain buy them.
These costumes looked like garbage...worse than garbage. My "cute" gnome dress added about 30 pounds to my frame (which I don't need) and gave the illusion that my boobs were down to my waist (oh hell no). Rhyno's gnome beard was knotted and kind of questionable. We had the fun task of running out to find something with only three hours until the party.
So...what costumes did we wind up wearing into the bar?
I didn't realize until now that we didn't take ANY photos together. Bummer dog.
Hot diggity dog! Yeah, this is real life. Don't I look happy? Also that was not Rhyno's hat...
Do you dress up for Halloween? What costume are you rocking?

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