Wednesday, September 11, 2013



We are twelve years out but still the date makes my heart catch in my throat. 


Cheesy as it is, I have played this remix over and over today, as it played on loop on 09/12/01. I can remember sitting in my childhood bedroom listening to it on the radio and just sobbing while holding hands with my best friend Sam.

I think back to how naive and pure I was before that day. I never even thought about terrorism, about hatred so many countries over. I had never seen images that shook my core so much, images of people falling out of buildings. I didn't think about how much public servants actually sacrifice, about the impact war makes on each civilian. I am so thankful for my cousins that serve.

I can remember sitting in Social Studies class at Mother McAuley, next to my friend Kaitlin, when the first planes hit. Our teacher, Sister Nancy, wheeled a TV into our classroom and immediately fell to her knees as the second plane hit. She loudly prayed for the victims and prayed for mercy for the offenders. I will never forget that she prayed for mercy and she prayed for forgiveness. In the face of absolute terror, she wished for mercy. It was a bittersweet and beautiful moment in my youth. Every 09/11 I will think of her hope amidst devastation. Help those who have been led astray, help those who have been hurt, help those who need it most.

Though not a Republican, I will never forget our (at the time)  President's speech. "These acts shattered steel but they cannot shatter the American resolve. (We) were targeted because we are the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity for the world and no one will keep that light from shining."

I hope you remember the importance of 09/11 today. I hope you took a moment of silence and took a moment of love and a moment of fun.

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