Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Girl, Look at the Body (for Life).

HEY! I'm on week two of Body for Life!

In week one of the program, I definitely had some slip-ups (are you surprised?) but managed to lose close to 4 pounds. As I mentioned before, I was really craving some structure (in addition to craving everything else) and I have felt so comfortable joining the BFL challenge for the third time in my life! Writing out every meal and every workout was a huge help--it makes compiling my coupons and making a grocery list a breeze plus there isn't any "What's for dinner?" panic at 6pm.

Homemade healthified strawberry cheesecake (recipe via). Pretty good!

As much as I wanted to beat myself up for slipping a couple times this week, I was actually motivated by the fact that I never missed a workout and I lose 4 pounds. It gave me confidence to really stick to the program this week and see if I can land an even bigger number. A huge goal of mine is to keep my workouts fun. One of the main draws of the program is that the upper body and lower body workouts are actually pretty enjoyable...for me anyway. I throw on old episodes of The Hills and away I lift. But the required three-times-a-week cardio? Ugh. Cardio. I know, I'm a baby. You are probably on hour two of your sixth run of the week and I'm whining. Welcome to who I am and why I need to lose weight.

I have always known that if I could just dedicate myself to 45 minutes of cardio per day I'd see fantastic results. After our wedding we used some of the money we received to buy an elliptical that went largely unused for a few years until we used it in a trade with my aunt to get a vintage stereo (I regret nothing). The elliptical was loud and, frankly, not fun. Last year we bought a treadmill because, if anything, Rhyno-the-former-soccer-all-star will use it to run. I have used it more than I thought I ever would but I still catch myself watching the seconds tick by until I'm done. So, in getting back into the swing of BFL I made a list of cardio that isn't boring--things like riding my bike, swimming, and walking along the river. I'm happy to report I nailed cardio everyday last week and even got Rhyno to join in on the bike ridin' fun. I'm still unsure of what I'll do to get my heart rate up once the weather cools down so...

What's your favorite indoor cardio workout?

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