Monday, September 30, 2013

Brrr, Ice Cube Facial.

Recently, while reading up on every article ever written at I found this one about ice cube facials. Oh, why was I reading LC's website? Because I love her and you are lying to yourself if you say you don't love her too.
As someone who has recently been trying to get uber-hot and healthy, I'm interested to give natural remedies like this a try whenever possible. The first couple tries I used regular, ol' (filtered) tap water. Though shiver-inducing at first, I LOVED the way my skin felt afterward! I massage my face with the ice cube in a circular motion from forehead to chin, toweled my face off (though I know should be putting the cube in a baggie while I use it), and then massaged again from chin to forehead. The whole process took about a minute and a half and it was so worth it.
I've decided to incorporate these ice cube facials into my daily skin care routine (after washing, before toner), though I am trying my hand at fancying them up. I made this week's batch of cubes with rose water (and a big note to Rhyno that says, "Do NOT use!"). I loved the scent of the rose water.
Over the next few weeks I plan to play with the recipe a bit to find what works best for my sensitive, combination skin. An infusion of chamomile tea? Drops of lavender oil? I'm game to try it all!
Have you tried ice cube facials? What's your favorite recipe?

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