Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cat Fancy.

Just because sometimes furry friends make you smile real big. Kira & Joodle are basically like two toddlers--constantly getting into things (my sock drawer no matter how tightly I shut it), knocking things over (J has broken 4 vases in his lifetime), and being loud (not crying, just a consistent and squeaky meow all hours of the day). But they crack me up and prove that pets are good for the soul.

And also, who doesn't love cats? (Be quiet if you don't)

I say cuddling but it was probably more like a death-match wrestlemania fight.

 Modest! And classy!

 Do you want to squeeze him? He won't let you but he is super cute.

 Um, sometimes Kira pretends to be Ray Charles. 

A long time ago we started a running joke that Kira is always drunk--cats are supposed to be graceful and she falls off things a lot. Rhyno was working out-of-state a few years ago and I jokingly sent this photo to him and said Kira missed him so much she was hitting the bottle again. Long story short: we're both huge dorks.

Did I really just post all about cats? Aye carumba. Cat lady, table of one!

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