Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Airplane Dreams (Like Hoop Dreams But Way Different).


Today's been kind of a rough one...actually this week has been. Things with my career are wonky to put it lightly and I just have a mild case of the poor me's. Oh, did I mention I fell a bashed my head like a total rock star? I'm not least I don't think so.

So, what do I do when things aren't so sunny and I want to cheer up? Well, honestly, I plan my Body for Life free day (wine and pasta, I'm coming at you like a spider monkey). But then I daydream about places I want to go. You remember that line in While You Were Sleeping about how she plans vacations she'll never take? That's me forever and ever...except I actually plan to take them someday. Whenever I'm feeling a bit down, now instead of turning to white flour and carbs, I add to my travel dreams on my Adventures Pinterest board.

I actually consider myself quite lucky to have travel to quite a few places even before the age of 21--I've seen Alaska in the summertime, Italy (I think a chunk of my heart is still there), Spain, France (remind me to tell you sometime about the world's craziest home-stay experience in Nice), Monaco, Andorra (which is adorable and no one has really heard of), Canada, Mexico, and plenty of our good, ol' States. But I still have wanderlust...maybe I'll visit...

Greece always looks like a fairytale to me. Plus, I'd like to wander the stomping grounds of the Katsopolis family.

London, what a beaut. I did a brief stopover at Heathrow when I was a Junior Ambassador but I didn't get to see anything outside of those airport walls. PS: Have I done enough travel bragging yet? Sheesh. 

Hawaii, especially during the lantern festival. I may just give my right arm to hike volcanoes and lay on the Hawaiian beach all day.

New York City! I love a good skyline and, surprisingly, I've never been to NYC. I've heard great things and hope to go someday soon and do ever dang touristy thing possible. 

Where do you most want to go?

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