Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Things of the Current Variety.


I am currently...
....eating Body for Life's Cool Taco Salad (I sub Boca Crumbles for the ground beef). It is SO good! Plus, it's easy to make big batches of it and throw into tupperware for the week's lunches. I eat it with one multi-grain pita and cucumber slices. Filling, delicious, and chock full o' goodness.
...making door stops. Now that the weather is totally gorgeous and amazing I have happily turned off our air conditioning for the year. Having the windows open on a breezy, Fall-like day is one of my very favorite things ever...but our doors loudly slamming shut every time a big gust blows through? Not my very favorite (especially if either cat gets stuck in the room and their loud cries don't subside until I free them). I've been scouting online to find a cheap, cute way to make door stops to match each room. 
...listening to Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus (this is the audio, not the nearly NSFW music video). I know, I know. You are asking yourself, "why?!" Why? Cause I dig it a lot. I will say it forever that I like (almost) all types of music and sometimes that includes a really mainstream, poppy power ballad. 
...reading Everything is Perfect When You're a Liar by Kelly Oxford. I've been on the waiting list at the library for this bad boy since it came out a couple months ago. When I finally got the email that it was my turn to check it out, I was psyched! Um, that feeling didn't last very long. Though not terrible, it wasn't as funny as a lot of other short story/memoir books I've read and some of the stories dragged on a bit. Next on my list? A couple of reads by the wonderful Nora Ephron.

...hoping for
good, good, good things. :)
...watching old shows on Hulu! Thank goodness for Hulu. I found I Love Lucy (my favorite TV show of all time), Bewitched, and Mary Tyler Moore. Watching these old shows draws me back into my childhood and they are three of my top picks. On top of that, Rhyno hooked up my Hulu account to our PS3 in the basement so I can treadmill jog to Lucille Ball on our big screen. I will never believe TV will be as funny or authentic as it was in the good, ol' days. I have seen every single episode of I Love Lucy at least 20 times and I still laugh. My mom and I used to watch it every single night from age 2 to 20, watching it makes me think of her and then makes me think of awesomeness.
...loving having a cup of coffee as a treat once a week instead of depending on it every morning. I know, I was surprised too. I mentioned that I had planned to cut coffee off of my grocery list for a little while and I have stuck to that. For the first week-ish I felt totally sluggish around 3pm every single day like clockwork. Around 6pm I'd get my daily headache. Since those caffeine withdrawal side effects have subsided, I have actually enjoyed not waiting for the coffee to heat up in the morning and, hey, no coffee breath! On Saturday morning I asked Rhyno to grab me a black coffee at McDonald's while he was running errands and it was so nice to have java as a low-calorie treat!
...thankful for so many good, helpful, thoughtful people in my life. It always gives me that melty feeling when people go out of their way to do something sweet for me. It really touches me to know there are people rooting for me and people are willing to extend a hand without any end-game. Dang, people are so rad sometimes. 
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