Wednesday, September 25, 2013

To My Pickles.

Today I'm wishing the happiest of happy birthdays to my cousin who has always been more like a baby sister, Erica...or Rica...or Pickles...or Rica Pickles.
Ripped from her Facebook profile. I'm cool like that.
Growing up, Pickles spent Saturday nights at our house. I can't believe my little baby is 21 today, it makes me feel ancient and all teary-eyed. She has grown from adorable little kid to beautiful young woman. She kicked cancer's ass before the age of 10 and she is legit one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. She is sassy and sweet and has a biting but not too biting sense of comedy that I like to think is modeled after my own (it isn't). It's like overnight she went from a teeny tot with a lollipop body (she had a big noggin) to awesome friend that I can send and received Pins from all day long. I love her so much and am proud to have her in my life.
Happy 21st birthday, Pickles!

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