Thursday, September 19, 2013

Swing Sets for Dayz.

So, despite not having children yet, we have a swing set in our backyard. 

The previous owners had three children so the swing set came with the house.Though a bit of an eyesore, it is totally functional. Our nieces Addie and Olive are basically in love with it--adorably whenever they stop by Addie will ask, "Can I go play on your park?" and Olive with chant-ask "Swings? Swings? Park? Swings?"

We are planning to take the set apart and move it to the other side of the yard to open up our view of the garden (and maybe make room for a hammock...please?). While thinking about it I asked Rhyno if we could paint it since we're taking it apart anyhow. "Sure, I don't care." Alright then! The tarp has needed to be replaced for a while due to storm/snow damage and I figure if it's going to be a staple in our yard anyway, why not make it super cute?

I've been turning to, where else, Pinterest for inspiration and I am definitely feeling inspired!

I love the detail on this--I'm hoping to paint the monkey bars in a rainbow and then add tiny white hearts to each bar. 

I love the color! And the grown-up swing! And the flower boxes! Yes, this. All day long. Having a wooden roof would help the whole "tarp getting damaged all winter long" issue, too.

 I've been wanting to replace one of the swings with a tire swing for a while. One of the best parks by my house growing up had a tire swing and I desperately petitioned my parents to install one in our yard. "But all the kids will love it! I'll be so popular!" 7 year old S. Guff, you are sad. 

Fun story: when my mom was a kid she tore her face open on a slide. TORE. HER. FACE. WIDE. OPEN. Since hearing that story as a kid I've never been a huge fan but, oh!, the possibilities for cuteness. I'd love to add a little pool at the bottom to create a summertime water slide. We actually tried this summer with our current set and a tiny blow-up pool at the bottom but our slide was bolted down so A & O had to slide down, hit a big bump, and then kinda flail around into the kiddie pool. Fail.  

Also, if you Google "painted slide" a bunch of gun photos pop up. Happy Thursday!

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