Monday, September 9, 2013

Things That Make Me Deliriously Happy.

There is this crazy phenomenon that happens on Monday mornings...people act hella grouchy. So to counteract the inevitable "Is it Friday yet?!" social media posts here are some things that make me deliriously happy...

 The promise of Fall! I love that Fall is just around the corner--pumpkin everything, trips to the local farm to pick up Autumn delights, sweaters, boots, and walking out of a chilly breeze into a warm house. My very favorite time of year for sure. 

A glass of bubbly with my husband! Rhyno and I always try to do something fun each week.  We had planned a date night for Friday but after learning Rhyno had a union meeting, we decided to just have a glass of wine and watch a couple episodes of The League when he got home instead. Please watch that show, especially if you love football and/or laughing your ass off.

My nieces and nephews! Addie started pre-school last week and it was like, "Wait. When did someone tell you you could get older?" Nearly three years ago, she was the teeny tiny flower girl in our wedding. Her momma sent me a photo of her wearing the dress the other day. And then I died from too much cuteness. Gosh, where does the time go?

 Evenings in our backyard with a book! Though I'm looking forward to Fall, I am trying to soak in every last second of summer warmth while I still can. After dinner, I've been slipping out to the patio with a book and a cup of tea to read until it gets too dark. 

 Birthdays! I love celebrating birthdays--mine and everyone else's too. Rhyno's turning 31 in under two weeks and I'm trying to plan something really fun. I tried getting Bears tickets but DANG! Expensive! His birthday falls on a Friday so I'd love to spend the whole weekend celebrating my manzilla with everyone. Just us going to a beer tasting and dinner on Friday, a movie downtown and dinner at Gyu Kaku with my parents and his mom on Saturday, and wrapping up with a boozy brunch at home on Sunday.

Creating things! A few weeks ago, when I reorganized my whole world, I found all of these fabric scraps and other DIY goodies. It sparked the urge to start creating things again--fall wreaths, little stuffed animals, and Christmas presents. Let's get sewing!

Puppies! This little bug spent the night at our house last week. It has been so, so quiet without Tasha Boo, we are still missing her something awful. It was nice to have a pup in the house again. She made herself right at home, snuggling on the couch with us and playing with our best friends' dogs. Man, dogs are just good for your heart.

What makes you deliriously happy?

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