Friday, October 11, 2013


I am currently...
....eating honeycrisp apples! One of my favorite, favorite parts of Fall. So sweet and wonderful.
...making Christmas gifts. I'm starting to scope out some handmade gift ides for friends and family. I need to get to work on those pretty soon!
...on my To Do list is demo-ing the garage. Rhyno started ripping the place up last weekend and we are hoping to get it all dry-walled and sealed before winter.
...listening to the Jillian Michaels podcast. I downloaded them all from iTunes a while ago and was slowly working my way through whenever I felt like it. I'm trying now to listen to them for inspiration when I'm cooking or cleaning. It's nice to get a little dose of Jillbot every day.
...reading a few different things. I mentioned re-reading The Secret. Since seeing the movie, I also picked up The Bling Ring book as a bit of a guilty pleasure. Dang, I love reading.
...watching The League. I've been meaning to catch up on the new Fall shows but I keep watching reruns of The League instead. I. love. funny.
...loving Fall, of course. Having the windows open, pumpkin candles, spooky movies, playing Frisbee with Violet at dusk, even sweeping up all the leaves on our patio. I say it all the time but I don't care. I LOVE FALL.
...hoping for good things, like always. :)
...thankful for pretty much everything. Sometimes I catch myself walking around our house and I'm just thankful for everything we have. It's easy to focus on what you don't have or the problems, but it's refreshing to go in the kitchen and be thankful you have food, go to the closet and be thankful you have clothes, etc.
 Have a great weekend!
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