Wednesday, October 30, 2013


 Cutie Violet takin' a Sunday snooze.
I am currently...
....eating so many avocados. We are getting to the time of year where buying an avocado is dicey--I have already purchased two that were straight up nasty. So now when I find one that is perfectly ripe, I slice it up and gobble it faster than you can say "Avocado Lover!"
...making Christmas gifts! I am so excited to give all my nephews and nieces homemade and awesome gifts. No fruitcake for this frugal gift-giver!
...on my To Do list deep cleaning our house before winter! I always like to do one last big clean before freezing weather sets in so I can open some windows to let fresh air in. I need to do that this week.
...listening to Runnin Around by Rilo Kiley. I have said before Rilo Kiley is my FAVORITE BAND EVER. I fell in love in high school and they basically just keep me alive (despite being broken up). I bought their RKives for myself as a birthday gift and I love it so much. I cried out of sheer happiness when I first gave it a listen (because the break up means this was the last new thing I might ever hear). Runnin Around reminds me of one of my newest and favorite friends and I love it so. Can't stop. Won't stop.
...reading Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. It is changing my life hardcore.
...watching so many documentaries. I watched Blackfish last weekend and I was straight up haunted. As a longtime animal lover, I already knew the injustices of the fur and meat and pet mill industries but SeaWorld was a little shock. I grew up wanting so badly to be a dolphin/whale trainer. I had no idea the real depression whales face in captivity and now I can't NOT think about it. Hashtag Free Tilly, right? I have watched this doc two times in two days. So good. We also saw Gravity last weekend and I am in love. I was sobbing most of the time and I thought it was so amazing. I want to see it so many more times. I love outer space and both of those things are making me sad. WHY!?
...loving  my naughty little Violet. She is real crazy. We are learning to jog together and I find it calms her down a bit. Rhyno and I are still debating getting her a sibling so she has someone to play with and they can even one another out. Today I caught her laying on the coffee table and then she tore apart an entire box of tissues. Butt.
...hoping for a book deal! Just kidding...sort of. Just like everyone else, I have been outlining some things and I'd really like it to work out. I have been laying out pages whenever I have a few minutes to spare and my office looks like a crazy villain's post-it filled lair.
...thankful for every dang thing. Hot damn, my life is so good.
 Have the best Halloween-Eve!
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