Monday, October 14, 2013

Clean Eatin' and Cardio Fiendin'.

So, at this point you are pretty used to me not sticking to regimented weight loss plans, right? Go ahead and L-O-L because I'm changing my mind again.
I'm embarrassed to admit that after all the planning and hoping with Body for Life and making it seem like it was my last hope, I'm going another step farther. With BFL, I've been having two major issues. 1.) SO MANY PROCESSED FOODS. Honestly, because of the protein requirements I was eating meat-alternatives (typically soy based and kind of super expensive) at least twice a day or I was constantly chowing on eggs (hey, cholesterol). 2.) I couldn't, despite my damnedest effort, get Rhyno on board. He is just reluctant to change and wasn't willing or able (because of his job) to eat at certain times of day and since he is a Type 1 diabetic there are certain times he has to eat, even if he's already hit his six BFL meals for the day. Since he wasn't on the plan our grocery bill was higher than usual and a few days a week I was making separate dinners--ANNOYING.
After a long talk last week though, I did manage to get Rhyno on board with a simpler plan: eating clean and doing daily cardio.
Our first foray into clean eating! Homemade whole wheat waffles with organic honey and chopped pecans.
So, for the rest of 2013 we have both made a commitment to eat as clean as humanly possible and be more active together (Violet's necessary daily walks and addiction to Frisbee definitely help with that). I'm finding it much easier to find clean recipes that are also vegetarian without relying on Boca and MorningStar to supply all my protein.I do plan to continue with the daily BFL strength workouts in addition to cardio, so I'm really only changing my diet.
What are your favorite clean eating recipes?

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