Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Almost New Year's Resolutions.

Hey, how the heck is it already almost 2014? Like, time, am I right? I am really excited for the upcoming holidays, I love this flingin' flangin' time of year.
Feel free to listen to this as you read this post. I am.
I love a good resolution as much as the next chump. I love to believe that every new year brings with it the chance to be the perfect version of myself. With the new year looming in the not-so-distant future, I can't stop thinking about my resolutions and maybe just getting a big, ol' jumpstart on them now.
So...what are my initial resolutions and what can I do now?
1.) As usual, my  biggest resolution is to be as healthy as possible. I'm done with back-and-forth of being fat and thin, I just want to be healthy and I'm working toward it. I recently purchased Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr and I am so inspired. I am loving dry brushing and oil pulling, I can't wait to take even better care of my health. I have been planning more clean eating meals (posts to come) and trying to move a bit more.
2.) Only do what makes me super happy. Oddly, this is hard to do. As someone who tends to "lay down and die" when it comes to conflict, I'm trying to learn to stick up for myself and my own happiness a bit more.
3.) Get pretty! I used to really pride myself, however vain, on putting time into myself. I am making a conscious effort to put more time into how I look--no matter my size. I find that when I've gained some weight I stop dressing adorably and I just stop trying. I am trying to put more time into the face I present to the world and taking time to really making myself CUTE.
4.) Be good. I just want to be good...basically in my whole life. I spent some time being bad and being MEH. I want to be good to my family and best friends and close friends and other friends and strangers. I want to give more and take less.
Are you already thinking of your resolutions? Or am I just nutty?

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