Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Anniversary.

Happy third anniversary to my favorite man meat, Rhyno!

There are so many things I'd change about our wedding day if given the chance--the people involved, the photographs, the prep beforehand, the food served--but I would never change the person waiting for me at the end of the aisle. I would  never change the confidant smile on your face as I walked toward you or the heart-thumping excitement I felt while turning the corner to see you at the altar. I would never change my dad's refusal to cry that also helped me stay dry-eyed and laughing. I wouldn't change teeny-tiny Addie as our flower girl despite her day-of protest. I wouldn't change the delicious tortellini. I wouldn't change our family and friends laughing and dancing around in celebration of our love. I wouldn't change you rubbing my feet at the end of a long wedding reception or first dancing with you to a song neither of us was too crazy about. I wouldn't change our hand-carved pumpkins or s'mores favors. Dude, I would never change those cupcakes we ate in place of a giant wedding cake. I would never, ever change our Disney honeymoon and the week we spent just enjoying life and our new marriage and each other and lots of soft pretzels and pictures of Mickey Mouse.
Most of all I wouldn't ever change the feeling I had when I glanced at you right after our vows, the first glance at my husband. The feeling that my heart had found its missing piece and I was whole. The feeling that I was safe and loved and beloved.
Of all the things I would change, I would never change you.
Happy third year, my dear, and cheers to many more!

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