Thursday, October 3, 2013

Murder by Death.

So...for Rhyno's 31st birthday I got him so many gifts. I got him a Post-It Ninja, The League on DVD, some movies, and some other treats and trinkets. His BIG gift (that he actually received in May) was tickets to his very favorite band, Murder by Death. They played Reggie's Rock Club last Sunday.
It. Was. Awesome.
Admittedly, I was not a big fan of Murder by Death before the show. I had never heard many songs by them (PS before you ask...we always drive my car so I don't hear a lot of his music, we are ruled by my out-dated iPod). I just knew my hubba was a huge fan and that was enough. During the show he even said, "How are you not already in love with them?" I have no idea. This is my kinda music! And my kinda leading man with his suspenders, swoon!
So excited! He nervously paced around the house for hours beforehand.
Thank gosh for their restaurant! We were  both starving by the time we drove up to see the show. We got fried pickles and burgers. I can say now it was THE best veggie burger I've ever spicy and delicious. SCHWING.
I didn't get photos at the show itself, which I regret, but the drunkard next to me bathed me in High Life a few times and a guy who was at least 6"4 said, "I'll just cut in here" right in front of my 5"5 self (don't worry, I gave him what-for but I'm so short he really didn't care). Also I made friends with a couple who was SUPER stoned who let me stand on their backpack to see the stage. We were really only about 10 feet from the band (Sarah especially), it was amazing.
Near the end of the set they played this cover. I died twelve times. It was so amazing. A crowd member yelled, "That was better than INXS!" The lead singer barked, "LADY! Nothing is better than INXS!" and then laughed. I was pretty much in love.
Rhyno bought a record...after his YEARS of making fun of all my (super old, not hip at all, inherited) vinyl! We danced in the basement to his new Murder by Death record last night and life was kind of perfect for a hot second.
All in all, the show was amazing. I told Rhyno he owes me big time but, secretly? I fell in love!

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