Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just Some Rambling.

I am just going to spit out some random thoughts relating to life right now and then I will call it a blog post, cool? Cool.
My favorite band in the whole wide world is Rilo Kiley. I recently (FINALLY) bought their b-sides and rarities collection, RKives. I died because I loved it so much. I am dead. I listened to the album at least four times in a row the other night and this song is particularly pulling on my heart. Oh, Jenny, I love you so.
I've been working a lot this week--until about 2 or 3am every night--and in that time I've rediscovered my deep, deep love for Community. Out of the blue I decided to start watching the series again from the pilot and I forgot how funny it is! I am such a sucker for Troy and Abed, they make me for real L-O-L.
Do you love Hocus Pocus? Me too! Actually, this Buzzfeed article makes me think that there isn't anyone who is capable of NOT loving the crap out of Hocus Pocus.
"I am beautiful, I am bountiful, I am blissful."
Yogi Tea is my favorite because of the tiny quotes on each bag. This one was tacked to my bag of kombucha and I really needed to hear it. It made me smile so, so big.
Boy! If I could go back and tell 9 year old me about what my tweeting future held....she'd be like, "What the hell is Twitter? What's an internet?" Because I'm old.
Violet visited my office for the first time! The gals loved her and she was, shockingly, a total angel. Our office mascot, Boris the Butler, was super into her and offered to hold her treats on his fancy tray but she hated him. When we first go there she kept barking at him and wouldn't go near him. The above photo is as close as I could get her to him without a total barky freakout. She's such a goof.
Ok, that's all, have a great day hotties!

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