Friday, December 13, 2013


 Our outdoor dino-mite Christmas decorations. Damn, we are urber nerdy.

I am currently...
....eating my favorite sweet potato soup from Allyson Kramer. I'm still juicing for breakfast and now I've added soup for lunches. At some point in life I might just go on a liquid cleanse. Just kidding. I wouldn't last, I like to chew things.
...making plans for New Year's Eve! I can't wait to hug the guts out of 2014, I am positive it'll be the best year and I'll be celebrating with some of my best friends in pajamas at a casino game night. Yes and yes and yes and yes.
...on my To Do list sending out holiday packages to out-of-town relatives! Once those go out today my holiday to-do list is officially all crossed off. It has taken SO much will power not to rip into the cookies I ordered for Rhyno's out-of-state family. I will be relieved when they are out of the house for good.
...listening to all the Christmas music! Mostly She & Him, the Carpenters, and Kelly Clarkson.
...reading every gosh darn thing on Buzzfeed. I have to start sleeping with my phone away from my bed because I catch myself staying up way too late flipping through the Buzzfeed app reading every single article.
...watching, um, everything. Sometimes, when working from home, I'll keep the TV on in the background (this is an annoying habit and weird because I was NEVER allowed to watch TV while I did homework as a kid). When you don't have cable and you work long hours, you quickly run out of things to watch. So you move to the basement to watch things on Hulu while you write and once you run out of the usual shows (New Girl, Mindy Project, Raising Hope, etc.) you get into trashy territory. The other night I found myself watching ::cringe:: Rock of Love: Season 1. It's so bad. So bad. If you've ever seen it, I promise you it is WAY worse than you remember. It's foul.
...loving the people in my life. I have such wonderful and supportive friends and family. I'm a lucky gal for sure. It's worth noting that my husband is kind of the best, too. After a particularly emotionally draining and difficult day yesterday I came home to find he had set up our outdoor Christmas dinosaurs (above photo) as a surprise AND when I walked in he handed me an early gift to cheer me up. It was an amazing FurryBones robot. I collect FurryBones and I am obsessed with cute robots. Not only was it just a perfect gift but it was so nice to come home to cheer and thoughtful gestures from my dude. Homerun, Rhyno.
...hoping for health and good cheer for everyone in my life. And yours. And everyone else's.
 Have the best dang weekend!
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