Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Learning from Mistakes.

With about three weeks until New Year's Eve I am getting excited about 2014. 2013 has been kind of a bummer year for multiple reasons and I am so ready for a fresh start. Since I am nowhere near my goal weight (with fluctuates and tons of stress in recent weeks, I am only about 7 pounds down from where I started months ago), I am taking advantage of what's left of 2013 to assess my heath-related mistakes.
The main changes I've been incorporating into my life as of late?
1.) Water. All Day, Every Day.
I know I should be drinking a ton of water every single day. I used to be amazing with this and would take down my weight in ounces of water every dang day. In the last year though, I've fallen behind. In the last week or so I've been training my body to drink my weight in water every day. On the days that I am dreading chugging that glass of the good stuff, I remind myself that the faster I lose weight the less I'll have to drink.
2.) Cut the Crap
It's not news to anyone that processed foods are NOT good for you. I have been slowly cutting out the processed things we buy and plan on trying new recipes to take the place of our typical buys (like finding a great whole foods granola bar recipe instead of reaching for a box full o' sugar). Rhyno and I also used to order out for dinner ALL. THE. TIME. In the last month we have really cut down and I have put in a better effort of actually making us dinner. I know that I feel better when I eat wholesome foods.
3.) Goin' Mental
A big part of being healthy is all in your brainz. I've been researching articles about happiness and managing stress and dealing with bad news. I feel like I was much grumpier than usual this year (mostly due to, ya know, my hours getting cut at work, my family dog dying, then mine and Rhyno's dog dying, a bad birthday, devastating family news) and I'm done with it. I am focusing on not only being happy but better dealing with the icky stuff in life.
4.) Move Your Buns
I have a knack for saying I'm going to start some crazy, intense work out regime and then realizing I can't handle it and feeling badly about myself. Now it's just about moving a little every day and working up to a bigger, better plan. Whether it's a yoga DVD before bed or a walk around my neighborhood with Violet or putting our treadmill to good use while I catch up on episodes of New Girl, I need to MOVE. Every single day. It doesn't have to start off as some two hour long boot camp, just move as much as I can manage.
5.) It's About More than Food and Exercise
There's more to getting healthy than all of the above. It's about sleeping better, taking better care of your skin, and being better in general. I've been trying to wean myself off of sleeping with the TV on at night (I know, it's terrible). I've been doing research about Neti Pots (totally got one even if I'm a little afraid of it) and digestive cleansing. Whole being wellness, bro.
I'm hoping to make even more healthy changes in 2014 and stay on track to be my healthiest, best self. 

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