Monday, December 9, 2013

The Annual Progressive Dinner.

The holidays are kind of the best, am I right?
Every December my family and I participate in the Progressive Dinner (this is the 11th year already!). We travel from house-to-house to enjoy good food, festive decorations, and there's always a theme. This year was a bit different in that we stayed at one house and didn't travel. No sweat off my back though, it gave us all more time to hang out and chow down.
Selfies with the gang
Admittedly, I didn't take many photos. I managed to bring my Nikon and batteries and then left it all in my purse all night. I guess that what happens when you are having fun. This year's theme was "Slumber Party" so we all showed up decked out in cozy PJs, played slumber party games like charades, had a pajama fashion show, and scarfed down breakfast for dinner (with yogurt parfaits, build-your-own skillets, and waffle sundaes). One of my favorite parts of our Progressive Dinner are the things everyone brings--each family is required to bring an ornament for every other family (which brings an instant smile when I unpack my tree trimmings every year) and a bag of canned food to donate to those in need (it's nice to give back).  
See you in 2014, Progressive Dinner!

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