Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Enjoying the Holidays.

Dang, I love the holiday season. I love winter too, isn't that weird? So many people whining about Midwest snow and I am like a child running for my snow pants to go sledding.

The older I get, the more privy I am to conversations about how stressful the holidays are. People get their undies in a twist about having to shop and wrap and cook and decorate. After overhearing crabby conversations and seeing one bajillion (slight overestimation) Grinchy social media posts, the  complaining really began to suck the joy out of such a magical time of year. Then I realized that this time of year is magical because you have the power to make it so and perspective is everything.
Granted, I don't have children yet so my holidays are a BIT more tame than those blessed with littles but I think perspective works for parents too. Your home doesn't have to look like someone's Christmas Pinterest board barfed all over it. You only have time/energy/resources to put up a tree with generic ornaments? Do it and be proud of it! I get goose-bumps every time I come home from work and see our beautifully lit tree in the window. Squeeze every moment of loveliness out of the season. I'm lucky to have a family an in-laws that I adore so I don't quite understand the whole, "UGH! I have to spend Christmas with my naggy family!" Dude, they put rum in egg-nog for a reason. Find a way to enjoy your family because you never know what might happen.

If you don't have three hours to spend stringing fresh cranberries and pinecones together for a festive DIY project, who cares? Throw some cheap-ass tinsel on your tree instead and turn on your favorite holiday movie (I love them all, I most recently re-watched Scrooged because ALL HAIL BILL MURRAY).
Don't ruin the magic for anyone else and, most importantly, don't ruin it for yourself. Stop worry about every calorie or how much better Suzy Q's decorations are than yours. Feel thankful for what you have and who you have to share it with. Enjoy the season. Get what you can get done done. Go sledding. Drink a crap-ton of hot chocolate. Wear warm pajamas. Give a lot of hugs. Get all the joy out of this magical, twinkly light-filled time of year. You'll miss it when it's gone...well, I know I will.

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