Monday, December 16, 2013

Snow Bunnies.

It finally snowed here in Illinois! Like big, fat snowflake snow!
Violet had never seen snow before (a few flurries but nothing this major). I threw on Rhyno's work boots and took her to play. She loved it! She kept flattening out her body and burying her face in the snow. She begs to go out about ten times an hour and just plays out there and runs through the white stuff.
Our  backyard is just a big, ol' blanket of white!

Watching neighbors ride snow-mobiles in the cornfield behind our house.
Though it stinks to drive it, I do love me a freshly snowed-upon yard (even with crazy V's tracks all over it) even if it doesn't love me back. I was walking to get the mail (sloped driveway, ripped winter know where this is going) and BLAMMO I fell cartoon-style in the street. I was perfectly fine with this since it was the mid-afternoon and no one was outside until I realized my neighbors had a clear shot of me through their front window. Aye carumba, snow why you hurt me so?

Are you a snow bunny, too?

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