Monday, December 23, 2013


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It's absolutely not a secret that I love a good documentary. I love learning more about my world and the things/beings in it. My documentary preferences lean toward the food and animal treatment realm but I love finding a wonderful doc that sucks me in. Recently a friend posted this link to a Buzzfeed round-up of documentaries that are bound to make you cry. I plan to tackle a few of these (over time...if I watch them all in a day I'll never leave my house again).
A few of my recent favorite docs?
This movie is wildly talked about and it absolutely gutted me. "When you look into their eyes, you know somebody is home." Ugh, I died. I've researched confinement and captivity for large animals before (hey, crazy animal person) and I still felt shaken after watching. When I was a kid it was my absolute dream to be a whale and dolphin trainer (like every other first grader, right?). So good, educational, and worth the watch. As a lover of the ocean and the big creatures under the surface, this doc is so important to me.
I dream of one day committing to a completely vegan lifestyle. As a looooong time vegetarian I so appreciated this film and subject matter. It's important for people to realize they don't have to completely commit to veganism, they can omit just some animal products and that's still progress.
Cancer is near and dear to me and this documentary is like soul food. I don't keep it a secret that I worship at the alter of Kris Carr. I adore her and her outlook on life, eating well, and being kind. If you've never watched this, I totally recommend it (I watched it twice in one day!). Even if cancer has never impacted your life personally, it's such great information and Kris is just the best.
And one I haven't seen?
I also recently heard about The Ghosts in Our Machine and can't wait to watch it. Again, a huge animal rights supporter, I think people SHOULD educate themselves on how product creation is related to animal welfare.
What are your favorite documentaries?

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