Monday, December 30, 2013

Like a Purgin'.

I hate/love myself SO much over this title. Seriously, I rock/suck.
Before 2013 is gone for good I had one big goal: purge my dang house of all the dang junk and clean every inch. I'm happy to say I've nearly completed this task (I only have half of the basement to finish). It has been SUCH a cathartic experience. I forced myself to get rid of the JUNK. I am a sentimental beast and will keep random things forever. Over the last week I've purged the trash and wiped off the dust. Our home is more simple, more spacious, and better decorated.
The accent wall in our front room--after over a year it is almost done!
I'm looking forward to starting 2014 with a fresh, clean slate! What about you?

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